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Fresh driving lessons

Learn to drive from us in a fun-filled, relaxed and courteous way as we will provide you with knowledge in all the skills you will need to help you drive. Stepping into the vehicle for the first time might be scary but from us, you will be taught a skill for life. As a beginner to the skill our aim is to build up the confidence in you to drive and source you with all the knowledge in handling the vehicle and various situations.

Refresher courses

You might already know how to drive but is driving only all about handling the vehicle? It is something more than that. Accquiring all the road safety measures and handling unfortunate situations is something which you must learn while learning the art. Refreshing your driving skills along with some excess learning will add on to your knowledge. It is always an advantage to learn the best from the best.

Short time courses

We tend to teach you the art in a short duration of 6+9 days where we will give our best in training you to feel like an expert. The initial 6 days will be spent in a theoritical way where we build your knowledge about the skill through delivering various awarness sessions on road safety, vechile handling and even on how to handle a castrophy. The next 9 days is where you will learn the joyous art practically from us.We will bring out the best in you where you will feel like an expert after lkearning from us.

Defensive driving lessons

Defensive driving is a technique which allows you to defend yourself in a manner that utilizes safe driving statergies. Learners improve their driving skills by reducing their driving risks by anticipating situations and making safe well-informed decisions. We train the learners with defensive driving lessons as we know the value of a life and we want to deliver our concern to the learners. This training is exclusively done by us in order to make driving a happy experience.

Traffic Education lessons

Handling the vehicle is'nt sufficient enough to learn the art completely. Our motive is not to just make you drive but beyond all that where we are concerned about how you will handle situations in the future. Traffic education has become more than a requirement these days and the need to have knowledge regarding traffic rules and regulations is expanding. We take priviledge in bringing this exquisite service to you.

Basic lessons on automobile Mechanism

Learning how to handle the vehicle is a knowledge which we bring to you during the course. This will help you handle emergency situations and at times help you render help to someone in need. This is an addition to driving which you can learn exclusivey from us.

Conducting Seminars & Lectures on Road Safety

In addition to the traffic education, we will bring you close to concepts on road safety. You will benefit attending these seminars as your knowledge will be far more ahead from the usual begginers.

Driver Evaluation and Driver recruitment

We will evaluate our drivers on the basis of the skills they learn from us. This evaluation will help them analyse what position they are in what else has to be learnt to become a better driver.

Emphasis of Public relation to Drivers

Public relation is more vital than ever before to reach out to our customers. We would definitely love to maintain a promising bond with our customers. Holding this bond will help us connect better and give our customers a better learning experience.

Multi Lingual Instructor

We promise you that you will not have any language barriers while learning from us. We have multi lingual, experienced and IRT trained instructors to teach you the skill in the easiest way possible. Your language barrier should never stop you learning the skill. We would love to reach out to people from other states and countries as we take pleasure in teaching you what we know.

Flexible Timing - (24 x 7) Services

No matter what time you want us to teach you, we will be there. Round the clock we are ready to teach you driving. When you are ready to take a step to learn, we take the privilege in making you learn. You can learn from us during your most comfortable time.

On Road Awarness

Beyond telling you how to handle situations and calamities we will bring to your knowledge on road awareness. This will definitely guide you throughout every time you drive. On road awareness is going to make you a more experienced and learned driver than the others where you will benefit knowing more.